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Plant Health Care

At AJ’s Tree Service, we use various techniques for tree care and landscape maintenance. Plant Health Care takes a holistic approach to ensure the health of your plants.

With the recent rise in plant diseases caused by insects, pests, and other environmental issues, plant healthcare is fast becoming a necessary part of a successful tree care strategy. In the Buffalo area, trees and other plants feel stressed in multiple ways. When they lack the needed plant nutrients, they are prone to harboring plant diseases, attracting insects that are harmful to them, and to the surrounding environment.

Trees can often lack many plant nutrients and become highly susceptible to plant diseases if they are subjected to extreme weather conditions, poor soil, repeated physical stress, and lack of sufficient resources. Tree owners often overlook and are often not aware of the importance of paying attention to plant health. If you have not made plant health a priority, you are putting your trees, shrubs, and other plants at risk for greater damage from these environmental factors and greater cost to you in the long run.

AJ’s Tree Service is a plant healthcare expert. We are dedicated to ensuring that our customers have healthy plants and that they are well educated on the importance of plant pest control and better plant health. AJ’s Tree Service has an effective plant health care program to make sure that your trees and other plants will remain healthy and help improve the landscape’s aesthetic and purpose, which will eventually increase the market value of your property.